The fifth season of Woman Of Steel has a release date (video)

A few days before the grand finale of the sixth season of The Lord of the Skies, which will conclude its broadcasts on Monday, September 24, Telemundo is ready to receive another of its most successful productions on its screens: Señora Acero.

The superserie that stars since 2016 Carolina Mirandaregresa in style on next Monday October 15th with its fifth season that has as slogan ‘the one who makes the pay’.

In the promotional video that was broadcast last night to announce the premiere date of the fiction you can see its protagonist, Vicenta Acero (Miranda) with her six-year-old son, Daniel, while trying to protect him from the evil of several men who they will not rest until they destroy it, among them El Teca Martínez, who returns to the superset to take revenge for the Steel.

The excitement over the imminent return of fiction, however, was tarnished in social networks by the disappointment felt by many of the viewers of the super-series when they saw the first time during the promotional the new actor who will play El Teca Martínez, who enters in replacement of José Luis Reséndez after Telemundo did not grant the Mexican interpreter the salary he asked to continue giving life to the character.


“This is not the original Teca,” one viewer complained on Instagram.

“Nothing will be the same without José Luis Reséndez, as he does not have two,” said another person.

With a jump in time of six years, the new season of Woman of Steel will feature new characters that will enrich the universe of the superset, including an agent of the FBI named Alberto Fuentes, played by Argentine actor David Chocarro, who will be the new gallant of the protagonist after the death of Daniel Phillips (Luis Ernesto Franco).


Do not miss the great premiere of the fifth season of Señora Acero: La Coyote on October 15 at 10 p.m., Eastern Time, on Telemundo.


Source: People En Español


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