Xuxa revealed details of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child

The beloved Brazilian presenter Xuxa, remembered for her famous children’s show in the 80s and 90s, revealed details about the sexual abuse of which she was a victim when she was only a child.

In an emotional conversation with the Argentine newspaper El Clarín, the television star confessed that the abuse not only started since she was an infant, but also that at that time her solution to the problem was to maintain silence.

“It’s difficult until today. I have not done therapy. I always said that the program was my therapy. I did not speak it or in my family. The thing started very early in my life. A time when I do not [remember] nor age, but I know it was very small. I remember being a baby, very young, sleeping, I woke up and I said to my mom: ‘someone has peed in my mouth’. I closed in a way that I do not know who it was, nor the age … but I know that when I was 13 it was the last time, “the 55-year-old Brazilian told the well-known newspaper.

After maintaining silence for years about the abuses of which she was a victim, in 2012 the protagonist of the iconic Xuxa Show opened her heart and in a revealing interview for a Brazilian media she confessed the most traumatic secret of her life: the sexual abuse that He suffered from a friend of his father, his grandmother’s boyfriend and a teacher.

Precisely in times when women from all corners of the world have decided not to be silent about this type of outrage against him with movements like Tim’s Up and Me Too, Xuxa joined the fight with his testimony and gave more details about the difficult years that he lived because he had to keep the abuses against him secret.

Source: People

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