Danna Paola deletes all pictures from Instagram page

What is happening with Danna Paola? That is the question that many ask after seeing the latest and mysterious movements that the Mexican actress and singer has given in social networks. The one who was protagonist of the successful children’s telenovela María Belén left open-mouthed on Monday her unconditional followers after leaving completely empty profile of Instagram.

While at first many believed that her account had been hacked, everything indicates that it was the 23-year-old interpreter who decided to erase all images at once, from her daring and sensual bikinazos to her most tender family moments. There was absolutely no trace of Danna’s past in the aforementioned social network.

But there is more. After eliminating all its content, the heroine of Telemundo’s successful melodrama La doña shared a publication, the only one she currently has, which left her more than 5 million followers of Instagram even more intrigued.

Source: People En Español


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