The lastest on Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s feud

Time heals everything, but pop culture fans are still waiting for this feud to simmer down.

Less than three weeks after Cardi B and Nicki Minaj  got into a fight during New York Fashion Week, all signs point to two rappers not forgetting about the drama.

In fact, the bad blood between the two appears to still be brewing. This time, however, it’s a little less obvious than a full-blown argument near a red carpet.

As Nicki hits fashion events in Milan and Dubai, Cardi B is keeping her distance by visiting Milan and Paris. And in between fashion shows, the “I Like It” rapper received news that her track with Maroon 5 hit No. 1 making her the first female rapper to score three No. 1 singles.  In other words, the New York Fashion Week fight didn’t slow Cardi B’s success.

“Why can’t they just stop making rumors, trying to make me look like I’m over and everything,” she shared in an Instagram live. “When my time is over, y’all see when my time is over….God is saying it’s not my time. Just relax and enjoy the show.”

Nicki, however, has been teasing a big episode of her Queen radio show since Tuesday night. And yes, she couldn’t help but humble brag about the success of recent episodes.

“Chile people crack me up. (I forgot to say this after I saw more lies the other day). #QueenRadio has broken Apple’s records on EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Every. Single. Episode,” she wrote to her Twitter followers. “So thankful to you guys for tuning in. I have so much fun. The next episode will be VITAL. trust.”

If the past is any indication, Nicki isn’t one to hold back. She chose her radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 to break her silence on the New York Fashion Week fight. Spoiler alert: She kept it very real.


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