How Adele earned $11 million during her year off

The 30-year-old Grammy winner hasn’t released an album in three years, but she’s still making tons of money during her time out of the spotlight. Adele, whose last album 25 debuted in Nov. 2015, earned over $11 million last year, according to the accounts of her two companies. E! News has obtained documents of Adele’s companies Melted Stone Publishing and Melted Stone Ltd, which take care of her album sales and royalties. The documents show that Adele earned about $11.2 million last year, after taxes.

So, if you break it down, that means that Adele earned about $30,684 dollars a day in 2017!

The beloved songstress completed over 100 shows on her Adele Live world tour in 2016, finishing up with a little over 10 shows in Australia and New Zealand in 2017. In June 2017, Adele was forced to cancel her last two remaining show at Wembley Stadium in the U.K. due to vocal cord damage.

“I went to see my throat doctor this evening because my voice didn’t open up at all today and it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords,” she told her fans at the time. “And on medical advice I simply am unable to perform over the weekend. To say I’m heartbroken would be a complete understatement.”

Source: E! News

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