Kanye West deletes Instagram and Twitter accounts

Kanye west has quit Social media again

Saturday, the 41-year-old “All Mine” rapper deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

His unexpected hiatus comes just a week after the outspoken Chicago native’s appearance on Saturday Night Live in which he surprised the audience with a pro-Donald Trump rant.

While wearing a “Make American Great Again” Hat, West wrapped up the show’s season premiere with a third musical performance and a  lengthy speech about the support for the President that did not make it to air.

He made it uncomfortable for the cast and [host] Adam Driver by calling them back onstage and not saying why and then went off on them,” a source told PEOPLE.

“The show had been supportive of all of Kanye’s visions throughout the week, even giving him the opportunity for the third song during the goodnight [portion],’ and then he surprised everyone,” the insider added.


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