College student claiming to be a black Republican tricked Trump supporters into giving her money

Everyone loves a good sob story, regardless of political persuasion. It’s a natural human tendency that one college student took advantage of, to viral results.

Known simply as “reformed republican” on Twitter and Quran in real life, the student started her story by tweeting on Oct. 27 that she was tired of pretending to be something she’s not.

“I will not hide any longer, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!! #blacksforTrump #WalkAway #maga,” she captioned a picture of herself wearing a Make America Great Again bucket hat.

Shortly after, some Trump fans showed their support for her online, prompting Quran to write more about what she described as her family struggles as a result of her political beliefs. She claimed that her parents had cut her off financially and asked, “If you can find it in your hearts to help this young, black Republican pay for school it would be appreciated.”

She also linked to a since-deleted GoFundMe campaign for herself.

A few days later, on Nov. 1, Quran cranked up the drama, posting, “im now getting kicked out. my mother literally woke me up out my sleep and screamed at me ‘how could you support this monster’ she doesn’t even know him so how can he be a monster, i just wish they understood,” followed by some screenshots of what appeared to be a text conversation with her mother.

The images show Quran’s mother allegedly telling her that she has two weeks to find somewhere else to live and that she “might as well not be my daughter.”

Trump is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot AND YOU THINK MY BLACK A— WOULD SUPPORT THAT ROTTING CARROT?? ridiculous. any black person can put on that ugly a— hat and say #MAGA and yall will instantly be up their a— cuz you wanna prove so hard you’re not racist,” she wrote.

Quran immediately garnered cheers from the left side of the political spectrum, and a rumor that she’d received more than $150,000 via her fake crowdfunding page started to spread. In reality, though, she only raised about $200 and gave it all back, according to NewYork Magazine.

The story comes as rapper Kanye West has made headlines in recent months for his controversial support of President Donald Trump. West has accused Democrats of bullying black Trump supporters like him and using the concept of racism to “control” black voters.

“A liberal would try to control a black person through the concept of racism because we know we’re very proud, emotional people,” he said while wearing a MAGA hat during a bizarre recent meeting with Trump at the White House. “So when I said I like Trump to someone as liberal, they’ll say, oh, but he’s racist. You think racism can control me? Oh, that don’t stop me. That’s an invisible wall.”

West has since said that he’s “distancing my self from politics and completely focusing on being creative.”

Quran’s shunned black Republican character was born after she found the MAGA hat lying around the campus of Howard University, where she studies art history. Next, she says she decided to take a photo to criticize actual black Trump supporters.

Source: People

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