China’s secret gulags: where 1million people are ‘locked up like animals’

Children from the Uighur community are said to be ‘locked up like farm animals’ in ‘re-education’ camps in western China.

Up to a million people have been torn from their homes and forced to live in “re-education” camps in China because of their religion – with children said to be “locked up like farm animals”.

Former inmates have spoken in horrifying detail about the treatment they have endured after being rounded up and imprisoned in western China.

Those arrested are from the Uighur community, a largely Muslim ethnic minority in the Xinjiang region, which borders Afghanistan and Mongolia.

According to the Uighurs, staggering numbers of their own have been taken from their homes in the last two years, with the brutal crackdown going largely unnoticed and unchallenged.

In August this year, a UN human rights committee made a bombshell claim – that up to million people could be being held in those buildings.

Chillingly, the committee said China had “turned the Uighur autonomous region into something that resembles a massive internment camp” under the guise of “combating religious extremism”.

Their words echo those of an earlier US congressional committee on China, which warned that the round ups of Uighurs is “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.”

Source: Daily Mirror

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