People are confused about one thing in Gabrielle Union’s baby annoucement photo

Gabrielle Union has recently found herself in after sharing some cute snaps from the hospital featuring her husband Dwayne Wade and their newborn daughter.


The 46-year-old, who famously appeared in movies such as, Bring it on. 10 Things I Hate About You and Bad Boys II, has come under fire for her photos – and there’s a rather bizarre reason why.

People on Instagram are particularly confused by Gabrielle’s appearance in the photo, where she can be seen wearing a hospital bracelet and gown.

And the reason why this is causing confusion is because the baby was born via surrogate, due to various fertility struggles the couple faced – so people don’t understand why she looks like she gave birth.


More than one million people have liked Gabrielle’s photos since they were posted, with many taking the time to comment.

One person wrote: “Why is Gab wearing a patient gown???”

Another posted: “Why she looking like she pushed her out! Lol… but ok congrats.”

A third added: “But why is she in the hospital gown tho? Lmao that’s definitely the one for the patient to wear and not the visitor.

Another simply shut down the haters by saying: “None of our business.”


“It’s skin to skin contact… the mothers have to have first skin to skin contact with their babies just the same way they do to mothers that birth a child. Try finding things out before you assume…it’s a beautiful thing,” commented one user.

Another simply shut down the haters by saying: “None of our business.”

Source: Daily Mirror

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