Bad news, ‘Adamari’ still can not leave the hospital

It has already been more than a month since Adamari López disappeared from the small screen because of a respiratory disorder caused by a strong flu, forcing her to be admitted to a hospital. Of which it is not yet known when it will come out.

“Adamari is still in the hospital,” said a source close to the host of the show, a New  “Telemundo”

Throughout this time, many details of Lopez’s health status have not been given. Her partner Toni Costa was the only one who spoke about the illness of Adamari. “Thanks for your support messages. Adamari is much better, he  informed his fans, through a video he shared through his Instagram profile.

The Colombian ‘Ximena Duque’ said a few days ago that Adamari would be home soon, with her family. “Ada is recovering,” she explained from the set of a new Series.



Among the most common symptoms of Lopez’s disease are cough, fever, muscle aches and extreme fatigue, to name a few. Although, judging by the time the hostess has been admitted to the hospital, her case must have been one of the most serious.

Although it is a common disease in most cases is overcome with a few days of rest, influenza is still a dangerous virus that last year alone caused 80,000 deaths in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC, for its acronym in English).

Source: People En Español

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