Woman, 25, ‘fighting for life’ after botched nose Job left her in coma

A 25-year-old woman is reportedly fighting for her life after plastic surgery for a “minor” nose job left her in coma.

Karolina Sarkisyan is the latest victim in a succession of horror cosmetic surgery cases in clinics across Russia’s capital, Moscow, this year.

The young woman, described by her heartbroken mother as “beautiful”, defied her family’s wishes not to go under the knife and is now said to be in a “grave” condition.

After the operation, Karolina reportedly developed swelling over all her body and suffered respiratory failure before falling unconscious.

Her tearful mother Marina Sarkisyan said: “She is so beautiful, she is a stunner.

“She didn’t need to do any plastic surgery.”

After coming round from the “minor” surgery Karolina “started hallucinating” before suffering from respiratory failure and swelling all over her body.

She was diagnosed with pulmonary and quinous edemas.

“Early in the morning the anaesthetist came,” said the distraught mother.

“I described what happened and asked why the nurse gave so many pills.

“He said it was his prescription after the surgery.”

Marina said: “I will never forgive myself for letting her do this surgery.

“All I can do now is to pray with all I have, with all my heart, that she survives.

“This is all I have left. I am praying.”

The head of the Moscow clinic blamed an “allergic reaction” to drugs, saying: “We injected several medicines, including the one to support the pancreas – and we believe that they caused the allergic reaction.”

Karolina had been transferred to hospital with respiratory issues but was not in a critical condition after the surgery.

In other tragic Russian cases this year, beautician Marina Kushkhova, 29, died in April after sinking into a coma following an operation to alter the shape of her nose.

Mother of two Ekaterina Kiseleva, 32, was pronounced dead from heart failure after undergoing breast uplift surgery.

The same month, a Canadian woman, aged 41, died after travelling to Moscow for breast implant surgery.

Inna Moskovaya, 44, a gynaecologist, died in May after falling into a coma with her eyes wide open for two months following a £1,900 great enlargement operation she had kept secret from family and friends.

Source: Daily Mirror



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