Anna Kournikova hauls tons of booze out of Costo

Anna Kournikova’s all about that top-shelf life  blame it on the Goose during a recent trip to the grocery store.

The former tennis superstar was leaving Costco Wednesday in Miami, and she loaded up with groceries and TONS of booze. How big a haul are we talking here? She needed help from 3 assistants to get her car loaded.

But, it’s hard not to miss her cart … loaded with 6 Ketel One bottles, 4 Grey Goose bottles, a bottle of Patron and champagne. Why the liquor haul? We don’t know for sure, but Anna and Enrique Iglesias ‘ twins are turning 1 in just a few days.

The kids might not know it’s a party but — from the looks of it — the adults definitely will. Bottoms up!

Source: TMZ

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