Gabriel Soto tells how his current relationship with Geraldine Bazán is

After all war, peace usually comes. That is the stage that Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán seem to be living in these moments. At least that is what the actor himself revealed to the Mexican television program Hoy with total tranquility.

After the exchange of statements between both and the artist’s girlfriend, Irina Baeva, it seems that they have signed the peace pipe for the sake of their two most precious treasures, their daughters Elissa and Alexa.

“We have always had constant communication, to agree with them, we have several things planned for the welfare of all,” the actor told the cameras.

It has not been the best months of his life, he knows that what he most desires in this world is the happiness of everyone, especially his ex and himself because it will affect his daughters.


“I simply want everyone to be happy, the mother of my daughters always wish her the best, as long as she is happy, my daughters will be happy, “he said with sincerity. He even dared to mention Geraldine’s current partner, Santiago Ramundo.

“I wish you the best in your new relationship, to find peace, happiness, love … “, he continued. Of course, he did not forget to mention Irina, his current partner, whom he claimed to be very much in love with and living a very happy moment.




source: People



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