R.Kelly’ alleged sex slave coming alive on social media

One of R.Kelly’s live-in girlfriend is looking a lot like her old self on social media — which has her family incredibly encouraged they can get her back.


Azriel Clary — one of the singer’s girlfriends, who’s stood by his side to this day — has been popping up A LOT on social media after being a relative recluse prior to R. Kelly getting re-arrested on new federal charges. The 180 has her family hopeful.



Family sources tell TMZ … Azriel’s immediate brood has been seeing flashes of the daughter they once knew in recently-surfaced Snapchat videos and other clips that show Azriel dancing, trying on clothes, laughing … and acting like a normal person again.

A lot of these videos appear to be filmed inside R. Kelly’s Trump Tower apartment  in Chicago — where Azriel and Joycelyn Savage are presumably still staying — but the fact that she’s getting out there again (in a sense) is giving her fam hope R. Kelly’s losing his grasp over her.


Azriel has maintained this entire time that she’s had a phone and has been on social media, but the fact is … she seems to be getting on it a lot more now that R. Kelly’s not around. She’s been posting content about 4 to 5 times a day.

There’s also this … we’re told some of Azriel’s old friends have been reconnecting with her on social media, which is yet another sign she’s coming back.

While Azriel continues to tout R. Kelly’s innocence and her love for him on social media — we’re being told her family sees a true possibility of the tide turning.

source: TMZ


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