Roberto Tapia:The truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Rafael Amaya

The mystery about the state of Rafael Amaya seems to have been solved by one of his friends, singer Roberto Tapia, who offered some details about Rafael Amaya

In a recent interview he revealed not only that his friend is not only very well, but ready to prepare new projects.

Tapia and the actor are close friends and in an interview for the Suelta la Sopa program, the interpreter offered some details about Amaya.

The singer spoke of the difficult situation he faced with his mother, who suffered a stroke and assured that Amaya was one of the friends who was there for him.

He also revealed that Amaya is working on new projects, so there seems to be no mystery behind the actor, who has preferred to keep a low profile for over a year.

Amaya disappeared from the public scene more than a year and a half ago. No new pictures on his Instagram account, no presence at public events, not a single interview and he did not even participate in events related to the new season of the Telemundo series.

Where is Rafael Amaya? Why hasn’t he appeared in public? Are you in good health? ”Are some of the unsolved questions around the Mexican actor.

Although it was announced that Amaya would return to the seventh season of the series, his appearance was ephemeral: in the first chapter, the death of Aurelio Casillas, his iconic character, was shown.

Casillas’ fate only served to spark further speculation regarding Amaya’s whereabouts and health.

From the sixth season the rumors began, especially after the character of Aurelio Casillas (protagonist of the story) was put into a coma and the main role was left to Matías Novoa.

Amaya was said to have had financial differences with Telemundo and therefore did not arrange a new contract. There was also talk of the actor’s health problems and even a year ago a Mexican magazine assured that Rafael would have substance use problems, but none of those versions was officially confirmed.

the truth was that even in the series recordings Rafael Amaya was never captured and not even his castmates know what happened to him. At least that’s what Isabella Castillo and Matías Novoa declared in a live interview on Instagram, in early February.

Casillas’ death shocked fans of the series.

Fernanda Castillo, who played Mónica Robles in several seasons, also does not know what happened to the actor. “I have already said it many times, I have not had contact with Rafael for many years. I no longer work on that series, so please understand that I have no information, ”she told the media in July last year.

Source: infobae