Adoption, Egg freezing … Carmen Villalobos and her husband are sincere about their plans as a couple

The protagonist of The End of Paradise and her partner do not rule out adoption if they finally want to become parents at some point in their lives.

Carmen Villalobos and her husband Sebastián Caicedo are still not very clear if they want to become parents at any time in their lives. If before they had serious doubts as to whether to cheer up or not, now with the pandemic that plagues the world, the couples are more confused.

It is very complicated, especially because of what we are experiencing at the moment and we have really talked a lot with Sebas, we greatly admire moms and dads who decide to do it because we are not living easy moments,” acknowledged the Colombian actress in company of her partner through a video that she published on her YouTube channel.

Another option that the couple does not rule out is the freezing of eggs.

“With Sebastián we have also talked about freezing, for example, it is an option,” admitted Carmen, who has more than 15 million followers on Instagram alone.

“We continue to consider that topic, it is a topic that does not have a last word and as we discussed it with Sebastián, the last one who has the last will is the one above. If the case comes tomorrow, it will be welcome” , concluded the actress.

Source: People espanol