Lord of The Skies: Success is not achieved by just one person-Dayana defends series without Rafael Amaya

Dayana Garroz, who plays Colonel Ámbar Maldonado, responded to a follower who said that the story had no life without the participation of the Mexican actor.

The Suprise Department of Rafael Amaya from The Lord of the Skies left, without a doubt, a great void in the followers of the successful superset who tuned in every night to see Telemundo in action, the drug trafficker Aurelio Casillas. Many viewers consider that the story has no life without the leading role of the renowned Mexican actor, who spearheaded the long-running fiction for almost seven years until his character died.

This, however, is not what the Venezuelan actress Dayana Garroz believes , who has given life for the past two years in the aforementioned superset to Coronel Ámbar Maldonado.

This was stated by the 42-year-old interpreter in a recent live broadcast that she made through the Telemundo YouTube channel, where with the sincerity that has always characterized her, she responded to a follower who believed that the story had no life without Amaya.

Too bad you think that way because it is the work and the enormous effort of a giant group of people who work hard, very hard every day to carry out an excellent production,” Dayana did not hesitate to reply. “Amaya is definitely The Lord of the Skies and nobody comes to take that place away from him, never, nobody pretends it and nobody is interested in doing it. But there is also a wonderful cast that is doing an excellent job, who cares about taking them forward and pleasing them. you, giving them the best of television. “

Dayana, admitted that she couldn’t be prouder to be part of such a successful and recognized superset like this.

“I feel happy, it is a pride, it is an enormous responsibility, it is absolute happiness to be in the most successful series on Hispanic television, the longest-running, longest-running series… It is a series with an excellent production, an excellent story […] “she said”

It is a watershed in my career, there is a before and after in the career and in the personal life of Dayana Garroz, so being in The Lord of the Skies for me has been a huge blessing. I am happy to participate there and to also be part of the Telemundo house, “She added

Source : ‘People Espanol

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