Mirage chapter 3: There is no loneliness like that of a failed marriage

                     Chapter three

I wonder if he misses me, I thought, as I sat in the air conditioned restaurant just outside my office, struggling to finish the big bottle of iced coke . The plate of rice was still half way gone but I couldn’t bring myself to keep eating, my appetite had been dwindling lately. I had been thinking of Uyi. Christ,I couldn’t get a clear thought in my head these days no matter how hard I tried. I leaned on the table and gazed out towards the sky. I could hear it, the clash of the thunders, it was going to rain, I knew I had to rush home before the rain poured, but my house was the last place I wanted to be at the moment. lts been a week now since Uyi had shuffled my emotions and I wasn’t really sure where things stood with us.

He had been acting somewhat funny. He would leave the house early and return quite late, we hardly even spoke. Even when I tried he brushed me off with very brief direct answers. Two days had passed and thoughts of him came and went in my mind. My mood swung from arrogance of ignoring him too, to despondency brought on by confusion and the desire to know what he was really about.”cassie don’t make fire where there’s no smoke”he had retorted when I confronted him about his attitude. It was on the third day and I couldn’t take the silence ”Morning Uyi,”I called from his closed room door? For the very first time he shut his door after he had showered.”I made your favourite. Pancakes and ugu sauce, hurry before it gets cold”I called, no answer.

I was setting up the small plastic table we called a dinning in the almost empty sitting room when he emerged from the bedroom…Gush he was handsome? Neatly dressed with a sky blue jean and a white shirt that hugged his well toned chest. His brown jacket was resting on his shoulders, with his laptop bag clutched on his laps while he stuffed books into it. He seemed in a hurry. “It’s just past seven, there’s still time to grab breakfast if you are in a hurry”I sauntered towards him


“Thanks for the effort cassie but I m really not hungry,”his voice was expressionless.
“I could pack it to go”I insisted
“Don’t worry I ll grab something to eat in school”he shrugged into his jacket, his words were so low I had to strain to hear them.
“why?”I asked watching him attentively but he wouldn’t meet my eyes.”why what?”he was fiddling with the collar of his jacket trying to straighten them.
“you would rather eat that trash food snack than what I ve made?”I was stunned
“people eat them don’t they?”he replied sacastically with idle unconcern. His voice emanated ice cold nothingness like I repulsed him.

He made for the door but I quickly got there before him. I held the knob preventing him from opening the door.”Wait Uyi what’s going on? What’s this about? Are you mad at me?” I quipped. He was more pissed than I had imagined, but why? Was there something else he wasn’t telling me. He had a slight frown smile on his face.

“I think you are being childish, if there’s an issue why can’t we talk about it, instead of living like strangers”I was getting pissed too.
“Cassie please don’t make fire where there’s no smoke, can’t I just choose to eat school snack?”
“Yeah you can, but why now?”
“Cos I feel like it cassie, biko leave me alone” he retorted. My heart sank
“ Uyi please tell me this not about that night?”I put my hand to my forehead, feeling the beginning of a headache.
“What night? “eyes narrowed, he gave a grim little smile.I watched him carefully trying to read his true expressions. I  hesitated a few minutes then “Ok fine, you want us to be like that. ..cool”I quietly slowly moved away from the door so he could go. Without a word he turned the knob, opened the door and he was gone, just like that.


I stared at the open sitting room door my eyes glittering speculatively.what had gotten him this upset.
Three hours later he texted me to say he was in Markurdi for a workshop. He didn’t bother to say how long he would be away for and I never bothered to call.
Now sitting in this restaurant watching people scramble for cover from the threatening rain, my heart sank, Jesus how much I missed him. The house was lifeless without him, even the mutual friends we shared only came around when he was home, if only he would call. Before now he called me daily when he was away.I wondered what he was doing at the moment.


I drained the bottle of iced coke and grumbly stood up to leave.
It was raining hard when the keke nape dropped me in front of my gate. Without asking for my change I opened the gate and scurried past my neighbours old parked Benz to my front door. The wind, vicious now howled and roared into my ears. Christ, I was shivering, with shaky fingers I struggled inserting the key into the keyhole. I thought I would freeze to death when the key Finanlly turned and I rushed inside.

I have never been so happy to be inside the house. Taking in deep gasping breaths I wiped my face down with my palms, adrenaline coursing through my veins. Suddenly I heard the door of his room swing, I smelt him before I saw him. Uyi was standing at the corridor door, my Uyi. I almost fainted with relief, my heart pumping madly in my chest.

“hello shapely”he whispered cheefuly. His teeth flashed in a brief grin.Shapely was his special name for me. He used to say I had the most sculptured hips he had ever seen.
For a moment time stopped, I didn’t know what to feel or say, I wondered how long he had been home.”You ll freeze to death you silly girl, close the door and get in here.”he jokingly snapped.
With teary eyes I slammed the door shut and ran into his arms.” Hi gorgeous” I muttered hugging him so tight like he was all the warmth I needed. I allowed him wrap me inside the flap of his soft coat, snuggling up to his hard toned body.it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever known. Warmth,security and softness. I felt safe with Uyi like I had never felt with any man before. Goodness he smelt good, he kissed my neck and cheek as I nestled closer into his chest. Words weren’t needed. He obviously missed me as much as I missed him.
“go change into something warmer, I ll make you a hot cup of tea”he whispered into my ear. Thank God that grudgy Uyi was gone. Without a word I reluctantly slowly left the comfort of his warm embrace to the room, it was going to be a long night.


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