Mirage Chapter six: How can he kiss her Just same way he kissed me

                      chapter six

I sat on the bare rug in the living room, and stared into space, my hands were clasped together on my knees, my eye blank as they stare endlessly at the living room wall. my eyes swelled with tears which endlessly dropped on my silky shirt.

I thought I was strong enough but reality just checked in with me. Uyi had just informed me last night that his girlfriend was coming to visit from Abuja.  He had said it casually when we cuddled in bed like I had no feelings. yes I did know she existed but after everything we had shared I expected him to be more considerate of my feelings. I hadn’t said a word to him about it, but the night was the most restless I had ever imagined.what was I going to do? How was I going to live with my man in another woman’s arms? I guess my hour of decision was finally here.

I had hurriedly phoned Jasmine in the morning to tell her of my plight, but she had advice I stayed calm and watch how things unfold. she was of the opinion that the situation was going to push Uyi to choose, and that was what scared me the most, his decision. Would he choose me? Did those passionate long months mean something to him? Of course they did, but was it enough for him to take that bold step and forget the two years he had being with his girlfriend and choose me.

I wiped my tears and stood up from the soft rug, history wasn’t going to repeat itself, I told myself. I wasn’t going to get depressed and pathetic over a man again, not after Nd, I owed that to myself. If Uyi decides to move on without me, then I would too. He would choose me, I kept saying as I prepared for work

As they drank the ginger beer in the comforting warmth of my kitchen, Uyi spoke of James and his ex capes in lafia, and she kept nodding, her beautiful face was soft and wistful and she kept smiling as she munched on the rich filled sandwich I had made for Uyi before leaving for work, apparently he had saved it for her.

Uyi touched her hands as he spoke, wiping off the bread crumbs, they were so engrossed they didn’t hear me come in from work, he was wiping the side of her mouth with serviette,”don’t bite my finger o”,she giggled, then at once they were laughing helplessly together, the same way we had both laughed heartily.

I stood at the door for a moment, trembling, weak, feeling a burst of bitterness that was almost unbearable.
“Cassie” Uyi Finally noticed me, he was half smiling as his eyes met mine carefully, they were speaking, asking me to act along”common in, come and meet Jeda”
The infamous Jeda. I composed myself quickly, and with a plastered smile on my face walked in towards her, hands outstretched
”Hi Jeda, we have been expecting you” she ignored my outstretched hand but instead hugged me closely and excitedly ”Hi Cassie”she exclaimed, “I Finanlly get to meet the face behind the name, Uyi wouldn’t stop talking about you”she was full of smiles
“I see, I hope he had so many nice things to say? ”I said calmly as I settled smoothly into the vacant chair, up Close she was really pretty
“oh God, you can’t imagine, he’s full of praises for you, I’m almost jealous”she replied as she turned to smile at him.Uyi rubbed his chin gently, as he let out a loud laugh
“thanks really for taking care of him”she continued, “I know how imposing and demanding he can be, thank you soo much” she genuinely sounded nice she was sweet natured and I hated it.

I didn’t want her to be nice, I wanted to be the victim, I wanted something to ease my conscience. I hated this pretense game I was playing.
In a rapid and impatient speech Uyi jumped in”oh Cassie has been an angel, she made this horrible place feel like home, she’s been wanting to meet you too, she was getting impatient with all the stories of you” he blabbered on. I felt a foolish impulse to walk out on them, how could one smile through such deceit

The next two days was the most difficult I ever had to face, I had to endure watching Uyi all lovey Dovey with Jeda. They were a couple that didn’t communicate much however most of their times were spent cuddling in silence, it was like they were both scared of saying too much than necessary. I wanted to stay as far as possible away from them, from the house even travel while she was around, but I was afraid that would be too obvious, I would be giving myself away, and frankly I liked Jeda a little, it would hurt to see her betrayed face.

I coyly avoided spending as much time with them, on Saturday after I made breakfast I ran to the saloon and reluctantly decided to braid my hair so it takes almost the whole day. when I got home later at night, they had ordered take outs so we all sat together to eat and chat in the sitting room while they cuddled . I spent the night trying to listen to their love making moans from my room. I was dissapointed, they were awfully too quiet or they had gone straight to bed. Sunday I joined them for mass and later we watched a movie in my room while they cuddled in my bed. Jeda sure loved to be cuddled.

I and Uyi forced ourself into meaningless conversation while all I wanted to do was punch him in the face, was he even feeling bad for me? I wondered.
The most difficult of it all was how his friends fanned around her, they easily cued in on the act, like they had planned it with Uyi”hey Jeda, we have heard so much about you”James said
“no wonder Uyi wouldn’t look at any other girl, you so beautiful”Peter added
“you should visit often, your man is hot cake here o, ladies would kill for him”
“but you are lucky, he’s one hell of a faithful guy, he loves you mad”
They praised on and on with Uyi kissing her at every chance he got. How could Uyi be that inconsiderate with me? After all this time! I felt like he was defiantly overdoing it

My lower lips trembled as I fought to hide the tears always glittering in my eyes? By night time I had decided I wasn’t going to let Uyi keep walking over me, not after all these months I had spent bending backwards just to please him, I was done being treated as a doormat.



To be continued………………



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