MIRAGE Chapter 1: ‘How long can a stitch cover our nakedness of lonely marriages’


   Chapter one

September 2016

“Cassie why? Why? I trusted you with everything I had” He cried uncontrollably,” I have loved you, I have defended you, even from my own family, why.?” Collins buried his face in his hands as if that was going to make the pain go away. In our seven years of marriage the only time I have seen him cry was when his father died. He was hurt and  i wanted to reassure him badly I still loved him but my courage failed me. I stood motionless in one corner of the room, afraid of going too close to him. Tears flowed rapidly from my eyes like blood from an open wound.

“I m sorry baby please”I mumbled in my shaky voice. I knelt and started to crawl towards him. If only I could get him to look at me, if only he would raise his…

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